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SUNDAY SCHOOL- One hour that can change your life.
Classes are offered for adults on Sunday mornings from 9-9:50am and for children and adults from 11:15am- noon (begining on August 20th, 2023 until May 19th, 2024).
The mission of the Christian Education Ministry:  
To support and facilitate the Christian education of the youth and adults at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church as well as the surrounding community.   This is done through Sunday School classes, Bible Studies, Confirmation classes for 7th and 8th grade, music camps  and Vacation Bible School.

Nursery & Pre-School Class- Children under 4 years old meet weekly to learn bible stories through crafts, activities, and songs. Janet and Emily Lower lead this class and is happy to answer any questions you have about the ministry. While your kids are having fun, you should check out our adult classes! 

Elementary School Class- Using Spirit and Truth Narrative lectionary curriculum, Kindergarten through Fifth grade Sunday school students meet together to dig deeper into lectionary texts with the help of games, experiments, crafts, service to others, and group
discussion.  Shannon Parker helps lay the foundations of faith by teaching
biblical stories and principles.  

Middle School Class –  Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade students meet every Sunday morning to                                                                                 deepen our Biblical knowledge and discover how it                                                                                      impacts daily life. Stacy Novak leads this group utilizing                                                                                 engaging media sources, art projects, games and                                                                                 activities that spark interesting discussions about our beliefs.

High School Class-  High school students meet weekly for a great class on a range of topics from biblical history to contemporary issues. John Hartmann leads this   
class as students participate in many activities, including book
discussions,  art projects, video series, and lots of 
thought-provoking conversations.

                                                                      Adult Classes – Pastor Paul leads Bible Study in the                                                                                       fellowship hall and online on Sunday 
mornings at 11 am.
                                                                    Click here to join in. In this class, you will pick apart biblical                                                                        texts in a casual environment. We also  offer Bible class on                                                                             Tuesday mornings from 10-11:15am in person and  on Zoom.

Lectionary Class-  Carol
Griffith leads this group discussion on the Lectionary of the week. We will go in depth to understand the Bible verses more clearly. Please join us at 9:00 am before the service in the Lectionary classroom just off the narthex.

Adult History Class- History Sunday School class will use a highly acclaimed course from the Great Courses, Professor David Brakke’s “The Apocryphal Jesus.” The 27 canonical texts of the New Testament are only a tiny fraction of the many volumes written about the life of Jesus, his family, and the apostles. This additional body of literature falls under the category of “apocrypha,” meaning “hidden” or “secret,” and offers fascinating insights into the early Christian world and how different groups understood the teachings of Jesus and the first apostles.  The class will meet in rooms 25/27 from 9 until 9:50 on Sunday morning before the worship service. See Rich Dunn or Bob Roser for additional information.

7th & 8th Grade Confirmation- Pastor Paul teaches our 7th & 8th graders to examine their faith in a safe and fun environment. Contact Pastor Paul or the Church Office if you would like to join this exciting class.

Summer Music Camps- Every summer, St. Peter’s hosts a week long education program open to everyone who would like to come hear the Good News of God’s Love. During odd years, our Senior Choir Director, Kevin Perry, and our Praise Band Director, Sally Moore, teach an entire 45 minute musical to participants including dialogue, acting, music, choreography and minor set building. All this hard work is displayed during the big performance on Sunday morning. Children four and up are welcome to join the fun! Watch the website, follow us on Facebook or Twitter for the latest details!

Vacation Bible School- During even years, our Christian Education Ministry hosts a four day VBS camp open to children ages 3 and up. Each night, kids begin with dinner and conversation in the Fellowship Hall. They are then welcomed to the Sanctuary where we sing songs, watch skits, and hear Bible stories. Next, the kids head off for a multi-sensory adventure! Each class takes their turn learning Bible stories from our VBS characters, creating art and craft projects centered on our theme, playing exciting games with their new friends, and much more. Each night we wrap up with topical conversations, songs and prayers. In the Summer of 2023, we will learn together with the VBS program Twists & Turns! Following Jesus changes the game! Watch the website, follow us on Facebook or Twitter for up to date details!

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